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Mega GiveAway By Adam Faiz
Sunday, 5 May 2013 @ 06:49 | 3 Comment [s]

*klik banner for join 

Jom join giveaway ni :) Ada 60 hadiah menanti pemenang !! WOW


1. 1x Handmade Keychain By Lolly Shoppe

2. 1x Moustache Watch By MW

3. 1x Top Dress By PKSKPT

4. 1x Perfume lelaki By PKSKPT

5. 1x Mug Putih By KCC

6. 5x Bookmark Korean Cartoon By HSO

7. 1x Domain By Saidatul Qifayah

8. 2x Tudung Bawal By 4 UM

9. 2x Tribal Shawl By LTC

10. 10x Coklat By CB

11. 1x Aksesori subang telinga By NS

12. 5x Black Shisheido Mask By Wana

13. 1x  Rainbow Al-quran By AQR

14. 1x Candy lens By IKLS

15. 1x Kardigen By EzBuydiaz

16. 1x Legging By  EzBuydiaz

17. 1x Lip Tint Odbo By wilma  

18. 3x Keychain felt Craft By Eymasu

19. 1x Moustache Ring By lolita

20. 3x Mini bar coklat By LPCW

21. 1x Keychain Felt By CCS

22. 1x Handbag By BSS

23. 1x Kurung Peplum By  BSS

24. 3x Perfume Miniature By KTTT

25. 5x Corsor by Fiqa

26. 2x Keychain nama sendiri By SnA's

27. 1x Daiso chorcoal mask By SnA's

28. 1x Pure Marine colaggen gred AAA By  SnA's

29. 1x Cheesy Powder By SnA's

30. 1x Butang baju melayu


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Simple Segmen by Sally Samsaiman
@ 06:04 | 1 Comment [s]

*klik banner for join

Nak join this segmen by Sally Samsaiman :) Jom join ramairamai 


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Rise and shine
Friday, 3 May 2013 @ 19:34 | 0 Comment [s]

Morning fellas :) 

Siapa hari ni balik kampung ? *angkat tangan* hahaha

Tak sabar nak jumpa nenek comel kita mehh huhu

Dah pagi tapi hanya hikma dengan abah je dah bangun

"WOI! BANGUN LAA" hahaha susah gak nak kejutkan diorang ni . anyway , hikma just nak cakap have a nice day everybody :) Hee

"Sometimes the harder you fall , the stronger you rise"

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