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Memulakan persahabatan :)
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 @ 02:54 | 0 Comment [s]

Hey guys :)
Hikma nak tnye nie . Tak salah kan kalo kite nak mulakan pergaulan ? tak salah kan kite nak buat baek pada org ?

hurmm , mmg tak salah . tapi jgan terlebey over :)
hikma un kdg2 prnah ter-over .

Hikma nak kongsi cerita sikit :)
huhu ;)

Hikma ade gadoo ngan seseorg nie . Die ckp 'aku kaw' ngan hikma . so hikma tak berapa sukew , and hikma tukar ayt "sye awk"
nak taw die ckp apew ??

" Sye awk ? Geli laa ~ "

Haha xD geli kew ? sorry laa hikma takk taw :)

Jgan nakk geli sgt okey ?! hikma tak nak menampung dosa lagie tawukk ?! sebab tuh hikma ckp mcm tuh :)"

So , harap daa berubah ;)

Hehe ^^ hikma maybe sebulan sekali kowt update cuz PMR kan ? hehe ^^
bye bye :*

0 Comment(s)

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This girl have beeen taken by someone who live far away from here :')



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