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Because it's 2013
Thursday, 17 January 2013 @ 00:59 | 0 Comment [s]

Olla amigos :) 

You guys mesti pelikkan kenapa hikma update post haha . Me so boring right now :3 Home alone , kerja rumah dah siap lama dah , nothing to do so , it's time to updating ;) 

Yelaaa , I told you guys that I will update only on weekend . But too boring dohh hee

So , let me tell you about my school for this year . 

Ehem ehem testing lol

I got class AK2 . Tapi maybe tak lama lagi Hikma akan tukar kelas AK1 . You know why ? Cus AK2 , didn't have Addmath . What ?! No Addmath ?! Yup , no Addmath . I think I don't tell you guys yet . Hikma memang minat gila Mathematics ! Surprise ?! IT'S TRUE !

Mathematics PMR , hikma dapat A's . yohooo . But Science, I got C's . Damn it ! So , that's why I dapat kelas AK2 . But it's okey , tak lama lagi tukar laa hehe

And another thingy that I wanna tell you guys . Maybe certain you guys dah tahu . I tak tahan sekolah situ . Terpaksa tengok muka ex setiap hari . Yaaa maybe hikma tak patut fikir sangat . But tak tahan dohhh ! Hmmm

And kawan hikma ramai nak pergi Vokasional . WHY ? Kenapa kena tinggalkan hikma ? kenapa ? :'/ Tahlaa kena tinggal dengan ex , pastu kena tinggal dengan kawan . Kfine *merajuk*

But takpe laa . Untung masa depan korang , hikma redha je laaa :') But , jangan lupakan hikma pula tautau ?
Especially , Ruzaini ! Woi , kau cakap kat aku jangan pindah tapi kau yang pindah ! Baguihhh ! 

Errgghh ~GREAT GREAT ! But what I really wanna tell is I really miss last year :'/ SANGAT !!

Tapi now 2013 , semuanya dah berubah . 

I miss the days when homework was just .... colouring


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This girl have beeen taken by someone who live far away from here :')



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