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Sunday, 27 January 2013 @ 04:23 | 0 Comment [s]

Hai people *waving*

So , I wanna ask you something . Did you ever really want to be who you wanna be ? Ehh ? Hahaha confused x)

It's means : Korang pernah tak , nak jadi someone yang korang nak jadi ? Like insecure maybe :)

Yes , I am 

Hikma sangat sangat teringin nak jadi model ! WOW Terkejut ? I know *walk away* hahaha but this is SERIOUS BABE ! LIKE SERIOUSLY

Hikma nak sangat jadi model cus Hikma jealous to the max bila baca majalah Hijabista , Female , Remaja dll  , diorang flawless sangat . Muka bersih . Bentuk badan menarik . Waahh , jealous yeeee

Yeaahhh Hikma tahu kebanyakannya edit . But seriously , Hikma nak sangat jadi model . 

So , korang rasa macam mana ? Hikma ada tak chance nak jadi model ? Lol , hikma being hikma always dreaming

Don't just dream it . But work for it   

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This girl have beeen taken by someone who live far away from here :')



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