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Giveaway Canon Camera By Miraa Hussin
Friday, 3 May 2013 @ 16:17 | 0 Comment [s]

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Hai awak awak semua :) Nak join Miraa Hussin lagi hee . Dah banyak kali masuk giveaway / contest , tapi tak pernah menang . So harap sangat kali ni boleh menang .

Act , lagi beberapa hari je tarik tutup tapi hikma nak masuk jugak :)

Hikma nak menang sebab hikma sangat suka Tabung Canon tu ._. Just wow ! Hikma nak tabung tu sangat sangat . Mula-mula hikma ingatkan tu camera betul haha . Laka laka laa hikma ni . Tapi takpe , tabung pun tabung laa . Btw , hadiah lagi satu 1 year membership @MHB . Wahh kan best kalau shopping banyak banyak kat MHB hee :) Kan hikma dah cakap hikma tak pernah menang any contest pun setakat ni , so hikma harap sangat dapat menang giveaway ni :)

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Beautiful .


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This girl have beeen taken by someone who live far away from here :')



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